Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Eagle Air Conditioning: Reverse Cycle, Split System Air Conditioning Units That
Enhance Your Lifestyle.

Split System or Multi Split System Air Conditioners: Energy Efficient for Your Comfort

With the rising temperatures throughout Australia, most homes and properties require air conditioners to maintain a pleasant lifestyle.

Our Split System or Multi Split System Air Conditioning let you hold the ultimate level of indoor control for your family, property and lifestyle.

Split system options include cooling only or reverse cycle. Reverse cycle, split system air conditioning is one of the most energy-efficient ways to cool down in summer and warm up in winter, ensuring your family is comfortable no matter what.

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioners: The ultimate level of indoor climate control

Reverse cycle split system air conditioning is the ultimate level of indoor climate control. With the ability to set your temperature for each room, you can create a comfortable atmosphere in any space.

This energy-efficient solution will save you money on electricity bills and help reduce your environmental footprint. It’s also easy to install without complex ductwork or other ventilation systems.

The convenience of split system air conditioning makes it an ideal choice for any home or business looking for more precise temperature regulation. You can enjoy maximum comfort with minimal effort with added features such as adjustable fan speeds, built-in timers, and remote controls.

All in all, split system air conditioning is an excellent way to tailor your indoor climate to your needs and preferences.

Personal Climate Control

Experience personal climate control of your space with split unit air conditioners. Enjoy the luxury of personalising each room’s desired temperature, allowing you and your family members to find the perfect
comfort level.

Take complete comfort into your own hands and be able to adjust the temperature as desired with ease!

Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Save Big on Energy

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning offers all the advantages of cooling & heating your home at a fraction of the install cost of a ducted system.

With efficient energy-saving functions, you can rest assured that this product will help you save money while still providing top-of-the-line cooling capabilities for any area in your home or office.

Effortless Comfort

The split system air conditioning ensures your living space stays relaxed and comfortable without wasting too much time or effort. With a simple installation completed in just a few hours, you can enjoy temperature-regulated comfort all year round. On top of this convenient setup process, maintenance is also simple – keep it clean for optimal performance or ask us to do it for you.

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Cooling only or Reverse Cycle Options

Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems are a great way to control the climate in your home, with options for installing a multi-split system or a single system. They come as cooling-only air conditioners and reverse-cycle air conditioners. These systems offer more design flexibility and allow for multiple air conditioners throughout your living spaces attached to one outdoor unit.

With greater versatility, you can create a personalised climate experience tailored perfectly to your needs! You can also take advantage of additional features such as remote control, built-in air filters, multiple fan speeds, and programmable timers. This state-of-the-art technology offers an excellent option for staying cool without breaking the bank.

Experience the luxury and convenience of a reverse cycle split system air conditioning today! Take advantage of the ultimate indoor comfort and efficiency – bring peace, harmony and climate-controlled air to your home. Call now on 9476 6622 or contact us to get your split system air conditioning installed this season!